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Classes will be held each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 PM PST and Saturdays from 8:30-10:30 AM PST.


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Over 80 hours of recorded video content (covering every area of the PCE Blueprint, see the class schedule below).


Live online office hours.


3 Ethics Classes Includes Live Q&A and PCE ethics practice exams.


Study group text-based chat led and monitored by our team of PCE experts.


Daily timetable readings aligned specifically to the PCE outline (can be expanded or condensed, based on your schedule).


Weekly assignments and practice quizzes.


Three complete 200-question PCE practice exams (vignette-style), a 50-question PCEFF mini-exam, two free 50-question mini exams, and a PCE ethics exam.


1-year unlimited access to new and updated PCE content!


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Tentative Class Schedule

NOTE: Subject to change — All classes are recorded, and video recordings are available throughout enrollment, so no worries if you miss a class!

37 Lectures live lectures + Pre-Recorded Bonus Material (Joint Specific lectures, Wheelchair Description, Assistive Devices, PNF Techniques)

Lecture 1- Introduction Class
Lecture 2- MSK Examination Part 1

Lecture 3- MSK Examination Part 2
Lecture 4- MSK Concepts Revision

Lecture 5- Neurology Examination Part 1
Lecture 6- Neurology Examination Part 2

Lecture 7- Neurology Revision
Lecture 8- Cardiovascular Examination

Lecture 9- Pulmonary Examination
Lecture 10- Cardio-Pulmonary Revisions

Lecture 11- Other System (Ulcers, Burns, Wounds Examination and PT intervention)
Lecture 12-Other System (Referred pain, GU, GI)

Lecture 13- Ethics Class Part-1

Lecture 14- Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Lecture 15- Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injuries
Lecture 16- Skin Disorders + Lymphedema

Lecture 17- Spine Impairments (mechanical and Surgical) & Interventions (Rehab and Spine Mobilization)
Lecture 18- Spinal Cord Injuries

Lecture 19- Ethics Class Part-2

Lecture 20- Normal Gait Examination

Lecture 21- Abnormal Gait and Interventions

Lecture 22- Orthosis and Prosthesis (3-hours)
Lecture 23- MSK Upper Extremity Discussions

Lecture 24- Pediatrics and Interventions
Lecture 25- MSK Lower Extremity Discussions

Lecture 26- Other Systems (Metabolic Disorders)
Lecture 27- PCE Surprise Topics (Research, ECG, etc.)

Lecture 28: Pulmonary Interventions

Lecture 29: Cardiovascular Interventions

Lecture 30: Neurology Interventions Part-1

Lecture 31- Neurology Interventions Part 2

Lecture 32: MSK Interventions Part-1

Lecture 33: Ethics Class- Part 3

Lecture 34: MSK Interventions Part-2

Lecture 35: Assistive Devices and Safety
Lecture 36- Free Jeopardy Review (2 Hours)

Lecture 37- Final Review (3 Hours)

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FLC Ultimate (C$1099) – Everything above + a licensed study partner (LSP) + three 1-on-1 tutoring sessions (C$59 savings)!

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