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Master Your Ethics

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Master Your Ethics

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They truly know what you want to become.”- Steve Jobs.


My dream to become a Resident Physiotherapist in Canada has finally come true. As a foreign trained physio, mastering Canadian Professional ethics was not my cup of tea. Even though we follow the Standards of Physiotherapy Practice in my country, it’s a bit different when it comes to practicing in Canada. We must explain and make the patient understand their specific treatments  and the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment plans. A PT is responsible for all accidents or injuries that happen to the patients as one can easily be sued and lose their practice license.


We also work with PTA ‘s here in Canada and thus we should have the knowledge to judge them whether they can handle a patient or the given tasks. As I did not have any work experience of working here, it was difficult for me to answer these questions. However, nothing is difficult if you have the desire to achieve your goals.


The next question that always bothered me- How to answer tricky questions in Professional Ethics??

I went through all the college websites and prepared notes about all the modules. The topics that I specifically covered were about taking consent, working with PTA, Standards & Professionalism in Physiotherapy Practice, boundaries and sexual abuse. These are some very tricky topics where internationally trained physio’s make mistakes and have high chances of not passing the PCE.


My Scores on the PCE: 

I Scored 93% in the overall Ethics section. It boosted my average score to 82% in the PCE. 

How I prepared for PCE Exam

  • Ethics Mock Exams: PCE Final Frontier. (I am sharing the link here for you to find it easily: https://pceff.com/product/pceff-ethics-course/)
  • College of Ontario Website videos: Videos and discussion posted on the website.
  • Study Materials: Ethics classes from PCE Final Frontier, Cases of the month, Chapters provided by the college.
  • Group studies: Teaching and questioning each other gives a better perspective of your content, especially when it is not your specialty. I found good study partners in the PCE Final Frontier telegram group.

I always believe that consistency is the key to success. There were many distractions and other priorities, but we must learn to balance out everything. We must remind ourselves, that our preparation is our top-most priority at this moment.


Now go ahead and read the pointers one more time and make a plan for yourself. Talk to a team member of PCE Final Frontier if you need. If I could do it, you can do it too!


Professional Ethics

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