Zoom Meeting ID and Password


Thanks again for signing up to attend the PCE Final Frontier Final Review. You can join the live session via the Zoom link and password below.

Monday, November 9th at 5PM PST (Vancouver Time):


Meeting ID: 962 4853 8431
Passcode: PCEFFNOV

As a reminder, we have many great free and premium PCE preparation materials, including: Free Facebook Page, Premium Complete PCE Preparation Courses, PCE Practice Exams (Vignette-Style), and more!

Be sure to follow Final Frontier on social media @NPTEFF and @PCEFF.

After the live session ends, we will place the slides and recording here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t3xOkdwat7e8jxn0FUEC9ieqcNsZSDu8?usp=sharing

Best of luck with your upcoming PCE. Stay in touch and let us know if you ever need anything. Look forward to seeing you as licensed PTs in a few days! 


Ravneet Singh, PT
Lead Instructor
PCE Final Frontier